I am a senior storage subject matter expert with excellent technical and communication skills. I have comprehensive knowledge of data center procedures as well as industry best practices.


I have managed enterprise compute environments from architecture to implementation, from day-to-day maintenance/operations to outage support, and from security hardening to performance tuning.

I am a professional, I provide timely and innovative solutions. I offer rapid recovery from crisis

and I am independently motivated to identify efficiency advancements that provide an increasingly productive team, thus maximizing resource utilization.

I have specialized knowledge of SAN/NAS storage implementation, administration and

capacity planning. Combined with my skilled scripting capabilities, it allows for

streamlined processes, automation, and reduced infrastructure costs.


I am a father first, but I also love art, music, theater and sports. I enjoy playing soccer as well as volleyball.


Making robots and gadgets is a technical and challenging pastime that entertains me, my family and friends.


I thrive on mentoring our youth through coaching. Kids are our future. I balance work and family by staying focused on goals. At work, those are projects and planned improvements or client goals. At home, that is making their lives better and happier, one day at a time so they can reach their potential.

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